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As we are all aware LEDs and SMDs are now known to be the best lighting when free camping, simply for
there low power consumption for the large amount of light that can be had for example: 1 x 55w halogen flood
lamp that we all would use either free standing or on rear of the 4wd to light up the camp area would draw
55w which the calculation was easy being Wattage divided by the Voltage which would give us the amps
used, so 55w / 12v =  4.58Amp
So if you had a 100ah battery you would expect the fully charged battery to last battery for example: AH being
100Ah divided by the current draw being 4.58Amp = nearly 22hrs though of course with a halogen lamp as
the globe is a filament globe and needs large amount of current to power the bulb, as the battery goes flat
from a fully charged state the light output also will decrease, where as with the led lamp the leds need
minimal current to produce light so the led lamp will stay at full brightness till the battery is nearly empty of
charge .

LED (Light Emitting Diode) v SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)
LEDs come in a huge amount of style, shapes and sizes, all which alter the light output and current draw,
though as a rule most LEDs naturally shine at a 15 degree beam angle, LED manufacturers can alter the
spread by placing reflective wedges within the LED to disperse the light more though by doing this it
decreases the light output while still drawing the same power, alternatively manufacturers will use a higher
rated brightness LED to compensate for the wedge to get more spread and more brightness.
This is why SMDs where introduced as the SMD offers a natural spread of 120 degrees so in comparison a
LED with shine area of 15 degree with the same current draw as a SMD offering 120 degree you will get a
long narrow beam from the LED and same amount of Lumen's from the SMD but over a 120 degree spread =
if you are after a narrow long distance beam light then normally a LED lamp is suited to get best current draw
for usable light and if you are after more of a spread beam for such as dome lamps, flood lamps then a SMD
lamp is best,,,
All these rules can sometimes be thrown out the window when a lamps reflectors, defuses and lenses are
added to the equation, there are many LED, SMD, Lenses and reflectors which can increase or decrease the
available light output…

Many manufacturers will use Lumen's ratings of the individual LEDs calculate by the amount of LEDs for eg
300Lm/3w though the led produces this output when the led is driven at 100% of its capacity, which if the
LEDs where driven at 100% constantly then the LEDs would fail very quick.
A good constructed LED Lamps Circuit of 3w leds will only drive the LEDs at about 80%, offer 240 Lumen's
Per 3w LED, so for a 10 x 3w led lamp it would be 30w offering 2,400 lumen's, this ensuring a long life for
your LED lamp, making the lamp and its leds running cooler, Less overall current draw and most important a
longer Life for the lamp you invested your $$ into,,

A lot comes down to Good Manufacturing processes such as Brite Led Tech Lamps which are all developed
using the highest quality leds with the LEDs being driven at about 80-90% of its maximum and using alloy for
the housings to enable good heat dispersement to enable long life of the LED lamp.
This is why Brite Led Tech are able to offer 5yrs warranty on work lamps and light bars,,, where as there are
many lamps found in the market only offering 1Yr and state the same high lumen's ratings though found to
use either poor quality leds driven at 100% offering a shortened life and some even found to state 3w leds
but just using 1w leds driven at 100% and to try and make look the same they have put resistors within the
lamp to make the overall current draw be the same as a 3w led.
Many Consumers have easy access to a volt meter and can check the current draw but cant easy check the
lumen's so the end user does not end up knowing they have bought a poorly designed lamp till the lamp fails
prematurely or puts the lamp beside another which states similar lumen's though notices the brightness

A lot is really relied upon Confidence of the consumer with the company they are purchasing from and that’s
where Brite Led Tech comes in, being an Australian owned company with partner Company Bright Light Auto
Parts, both being very reputable companies to buy your LED Lamps from, Paul Sinclair at Bright Light Auto
Parts has been a Auto Electrician for over 20yrs and assists with the design and manufacturing of all the Brite
Led Tech products with Assistance by a full time Electrical Engineer and structural Engineer to ensure a well
developed product is produced for the Australian and world markets.
All lamps are developed in Australia though Manufactured Overseas with all QC being carried out by Brite
Led Tech staff ensuring that the end product to our consumers stand up to the Brite Led Tech name for high
Quality at an affordable price expected by the consumer, all backed with a no hassle 100% exchange policy if
ever a issue arose.

It is very difficult for the consumer to identify a good led lamps to a bad one with the naked eye,, firstly always
go with a known brand name like Brite Led Tech, for comparison most campsites can be lit well by a 55w
halogen flood lamp which draws just over 4.5Amps, to get the similar light output you would expect to use a
led lamp which is rated at about 1200 Lumen's,, for example the Brite Led Tech BL-161 offers 1440 Lumen's
using 6 x 3w leds = 18w though compares more to a 60w halogen bulb but the leds used offers a crisp white
light and only draws   1.14Amps also lens being a flood beam,, so from this example you can run from a
battery the led lamp for 4 times longer than the halogen lamp and while the led also offering more light output,
waterproof and 5yrs warranty